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Back pain, joint stiffness, knee pain, sciatica, headaches, fatigue, mental stress, and many more are all signs that your body isn’t functioning at its best and your body is out of balance.

Our subscription/ webinars/workshops/workbooks are designed to give you the solution to pain and dysfunction. We introduce you to our unique philosophy with simple but powerful techniques to start to bring your body back into balance. This will help improve alignment, posture, reducing pain and boosting your immune system, and performance.

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Learn safe, simple and powerful techniques to help re-balance your family, to reduce pain and improve health. 

Most painful and poor health conditions, even in children are due to imbalances causing pressure on nerves, blockages to energy channels (meridians) restrictions on organs, imbalances on muscles and joints, leading to pain and poor health.

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Providing simple pain relieving and health boosting treatment to ourselves and our family to maintain health, has been part of our lives as human beings for thousands of years, however these skills are now becoming lost in recent times! And left to the ‘professionals’.

Our webinars/courses will teach you to take back control of your own and your families health. In this course we teach you 5 simple but powerful techniques to treat the most common problems including back pain, headaches/ neck tensions, shoulder tensions, knee pain, foot and ankle pain and help improve overall health and function of the body.


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In this course we dive into an understanding of the human body, its structure and function, and the simple but powerful treatment techniques to help rebalance the body. This allows you to set up your own practice and earn extra income straight away, with ongoing support from our team. 

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Dennis Bartram has been in physical therapy for over 50 years, helping to improve people’s alignment, get people out of pain and teaching people how to do this as a career. Now, Dennis and the Active Balance team have developed a course that’s designed to teach you the most efficient and effective way of learning these techniques, which allows you to get results, help people get out of pain and start making an extra income straight away, giving you more freedom and transforming your lifestyle. 

Our Active Balance Technique course will teach you to provide a treatment (known as a ‘balance’) to help bring a person’s body back into alignment and optimum function; release muscle tensions, clearing energy blockages, reduce nerve pressure, restore joint balance, reducing pain and dysfunction, and improving posture and performance.

This course will equip you to work with a range of people from the general public to sports professionals and will give you skills and ongoing support to open your own business and start earning extra income from day 1.

In this course you will learn:

About the body – Anatomy and Physiology

Basic understanding of muscles, joints, bones and fascia and how the body works as a WHOLE for optimum health and performance.

Introduction to Energy channels (meridians) and key pressure points to release restrictions and blockages causing pain and poor health.

Introduction to the newly understood myofascial system and its patterns. Learn its role in posture, movement and alignment.

Common causes of Pain and dysfunction

Learn how the body works, and the main reasons the body becomes misaligned. Learn the common causes of muscle imbalances, joint restrictions and misalignments in the body, which is the root cause of PAINFUL CONDITIONS, such as back pain, neck pain, headaches etc and many more, as well as POOR HEALTH.


Learn step-by-step protocols to learn our unique body alignment technique to treat the whole body, reduce pain and dysfunction, improve mental health and organ health, to equip you to work with a range of people from the general public to sports professionals. With a blend of online learning and a practical workshop, and lifetime access to our online training videos learn the Active Balance Technique developed over 50 years by Dennis Bartram. 

Ongoing help and support to set up your business

Become part of our community in helping treat pain and dysfunction.  We will teach you how to attract and gain new clients, with ongoing support and advice on how to set up a practice/business, and work the hours you want. With branded leaflets, banners and step by step guide of how to deal with clients, to start to earn extra income straight away.

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