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Why Choose Us

Our unique approach treats the whole body, not just the symptoms.

By bringing the body back into alignment, we help you reduce pain, improve posture and movement and boost your health.

There are numerous physical and mental health benefits to our approach as you will soon discover, and we’ve been practicing and refining our techniques over 50 years, which we can now share with you.

Read on to learn more about Active Balance and explore the website to find out about how you can improve your health with our resources and products.


Fix your pain

Boost your health

Improve performance


Health Benefits

Learning to Re-Balance our body’s can help both physical and mental wellbeing to;

Improving physical health by:

  • Improved posture  
  • Improved mobility  
  • Reduced painful conditions such as ; 
    – Back, Neck & Joint pain  
    – Joint stiffness  
    – Muscle tensions  
    – Nerve irritation (such as sciatica) 
    – Unstable joints  
  • Improved Performance and Recovery  
  • Improved movement and coordination  
  • Improved alignment and function of body systems, helping conditions such as; 
    – Breathing conditions 
    – Digestive conditions  
    – Helping to lower blood pressure  
    – Headaches / Migraines  

Improving mental health by:

  • Developing brain integration  
  • Reducing stress and tensions  
  • Improving coordination & Concentration  
  • Reducing conditions such as dyslexia  

How balancing works


Through old injuries, repetitive stress (RSIs), one sides habits, sports and occupations, our body’s become twisted and misaligned.

This causes muscles (and other soft tissues; ligaments/fascia) to become imbalanced, joints to become twisted, and nerves to become entrapped, causing PAIN.

The organs of the body, are housed inside the skeleton, so when this becomes twisted, this can cause crowding of the internal organs, leading to dysfunction which can also affect your HEALTH. (Poor digestion, breathing conditions etc)

Our online /Live sessions and products are all designed to help you get your body back into alignment to reduce pain, improve posture and boost your health, and getting you back to what you love for longer.

Through a range of time tested techniques including; self massage, pressure points, stretching and strengthening, breathing exercises, lymphatic stimulation, fascial release and our unique body re-alignment techniques and products, we will teach you, about your body, why it hurts and what you can do to help fix it.


Our history
spanning 50 years

For over 50 years Denis Bartram has been practising physical therapy, and has undergone training all over the world to learn the skills to provide the best techniques to his clients.

Dennis has learnt many forms of therapy from the age of 19, including; massage, manipulative techniques (chiropractic, osteopathic techniques) applied kinesiology, sacro-occipital technique, spinal touch, reflexology, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and many more, and became one of the first touch for health instructors in the U.K.

As well as this Dennis has trained for over 35 years with Japanese Grandmaster of martial, movement and medicine systems (Amatsu Medicine) Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, and 1995 was one of only 3 westerners be to granted the teaching rights to the Ancient medicine school ran by Dr. Hatsumi Dennis began Active Balance in 1980, as a way to teach the skills he had learnt and developed as both a therapy and self help tool for his clients, bringing out the original Active Balance book and video series in 1989, they year his son Christopher was born.

Since then Dennis has trained people all around the world and helped them develop successful physical therapy practices (Amatsu therapy)

Now 30 years on, Dennis’ son has followed his father into his profession and together with rest of the Active Balance team (James, Charlotte) have updated the skills to help share these life changing techniques to the world.


Meet the team


About Dennis

Dennis – with over 50 years of training and clinical experience, Dennis has helped and trained people all around the world, get out of pain and get back to health.

He has a wealth of knowledge for the human body, and learning.

Dennis also treats horses and dogs, and has a love for helping humans and animals.

Dennis has a passion for natural movement, martial arts and loves getting out on his bike and ghyll scrambling in the lakes.


About Chris

Chris started training with his Dad at an early age, with Dennis teaching his son the skills he would need to follow him if/when he wanted to.

Since then Chris has gone on to train fully with Dennis through 4 year practitioner training (4 years-Amatsu) and also undergone sports therapy BSC degree, along with many post graduate training courses, and runs a busy physical therapy clinic in Hartlepool. He has now become a teacher and also assists Dennis’ training courses (Amatsu therapy).

Chris has a passion for everything outdoors and loves camping, hiking, climbing and natural movement, and loves getting away in his Campervan.


About James

James is trained is Sports science Bsc and Dennis 4 year practitioner training, and been a personal student and apprentice alongside his best friend Chris for over 10 years.

James is trained as a teacher and assists Dennis in his training courses, and runs his own busy clinic in Hartlepool.

James loves walking with his dog, sports and the outdoors, and trips away in his Campervan.


About Charlotte

Charlotte is trained as a climbing and movement coach (NIBAS) as well as an Anma practitioner, and has a passion for helping clients in her own clinic.

Charlotte is a student of Dennis and is currently undergoing full practitioner training.

Charlotte loves climbing, hiking, and travelling to new places.


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Body alignment.
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Our interactive video workbook is designed to teach you about your body, why it hurts and what you can do yourself to help fix it.

Learn our unique Body Alignment Treatment, to relieve sciatica, back neck and joint pain, headaches and inflammation in just a few minutes a day!


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