Ebook: Body alignment fix your pain: at home or on the go [Downloadable PDF]


Our Ebook PDF Download allows you to access powerful self-treatment routines to reduce tension, pain and headaches wherever you are, at home or on the go.


Sciatica? Back pain? Neck pain? Foot or knee pain? Shoulder tension? Headaches? Constantly getting injured? These conditions may all seem unrelated, but in actual fact they are ALL just symptoms of your body being out of alignment.

For over 50 years Dennis Bartram has provided treatment to thousands of people to help realign their bodies to rid them of pain and discomfort. Now, we have developed a programme designed to help you get similar results yourself at home! This gives you the power to be able to look after yourself and your family, naturally.

Inside this interactive workbook, brought to you by Dennis and the Active Balance team, you will find:
• our unique body alignment treatment programme,
• how your body works and the common causes of pain and dysfunction.
• over 30 videos (with QR codes) arranged into a step-by-step easy-to-follow guide,
to safely reset your alignment,
• powerful techniques to naturally reduce joint pain, nerve irritation (for example
sciatica), headaches, inflammation and chronic pain,
• improve your mental and physical health, function, and performance,
This unique body alignment method, with simple but powerful techniques is designed to help you to learn about your body, why it hurts and what you can do yourself to help fix it.

"My back pain is gone! I definitely recommend this book for anyone with pain and discomfort"
Mike, 71

"As a professional sports person, their support is making a huge difference to my levels of consistency, recovery and sports performance- Thankyou"

If you have bought a physical copy of our book you will notice that there are QR codes throughout, if you use your smartphone to scan these QR codes you will unlock our interactive videos that run alongside the workbook. If you have purchased an ebook the videos will be clickable links.


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